Glutathione Therapy

Glutathione Therapy

Glutathione is breathed in (inhaled) for treating lung diseases, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and lung disease in people with HIV disease.
It can help for preventing poisonous side effects of cancer treatment (chemotherapy) and for treating the inability to father a child (male infertility).
Healthcare providers also give glutathione for preventing “tired blood” (anemia) in kidney patients undergoing hemodialysis treatment, preventing kidney problems after heart bypass surgery, treating Parkinson’s disease, improving blood flow and decreasing clotting in individuals with “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), treating diabetes, and preventing toxic side effects of chemotherapy.


This powerful antioxidant works for anybody in assisting to : improve skin condition, make the skin glory, get the energy boost, prevent diseases and improve immune system.


This substance helps i improving liver and brain functions, leading to improved memory while helping to lower the risk of conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and liver disease. It is primarily responsible for assisting in reducing the levels of cysteine on the surface of proteins and helps protect your body from free-radical damage. It also has potentially widespread health benefits because it can be found in all types of cells, including the cells of the immune system, whose job is to fight disease. The strong antioxidant effect of glutathione helps keep cells running smoothly. It helps the liver remove chemicals that are foreign to the body, such as drugs and pollutants.

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