This treatment was created to give you a fast boost of energy that you need.


Vitamin C, complex B and glutathione.


Anybody who needs assistance in boosting suppressed immune system, removing chronic fatigue, athletes, helping with digestive disorders and just to improve general heath and performance.


The benefits of the Reboot is that it helps to restore your body with minerals, different anti-oxidants, electrolytes to bring your body back into balance, maximizing your productivity, leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed. The treatments aim to help you look and feel your best. It delivers vitamins and ‘wellness’ agents quickly and efficiently– claiming to give you 100% of the benefits compared to 55% you get from tablets.

Before undergoing the treatment, you can always book a consultation, to discuss your concerns and allow the experts to see which of our vitamin therapies is best suited for you. The consultation is free.

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